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the Riviera Maya (Mayan Riviera)


Riviera Maya’s Tulum and Playa del Carmen: The new Caribbean vacation hot-spots

The Riviera Maya in Mexico is probably one of the most sought-after travel destinations in the world—and for good reason. This stretch of Caribbean coastline is endowed with pristine beaches, glittering seas, picturesque shores, quaint beach-side towns, tranquil fishing hamlets, ancient ruins, natural landscapes and a whole lot more!


Although Cancún steals most of the tourist traffic in Riviera Maya, I personally prefer the charming towns of Tulum and Playa del Carmen. Prior to recent years, you’d probably never heard of these two towns, but you’ve certainly seen their envy-inducing pictures on Pinterest or your favorite celebrities’ social media feeds in the last several years.


If you're considering a trip to either destination, click the links for the guides below. Consider staying at my favorite resort in the area, the Rosewood Mayakoba.

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Tulum Destination Guide

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