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Coachella Style Recap

One of my favorite parts about attending festivals like Coachella is seeing all the incredible outfits that people put together. People often spend months—and thousands of dollars—preparing for just the three day event so it should come as no surprise that the outfits (costumes might even be a better word) are so well thought out and over the top. I love this part of attending festivals and although I certainly don’t profess to be a style guru of any kind, have to admit that I love the outfit planning process almost as much as I love attending the event.

One of the reasons for this is because you can truly be yourself and the event is a perfect platform for expressing yourself. At Coachella, there really is no such thing as something being “out of style” or “so last year.” Truly, anything goes. Though bohemian and western looks have been the outfit of choice for years, many people—even the instagram models—still rock them year after year, further proving that there really isn’t one particular style that is “in” or “out”. There are, however, several trends that stood out above the rest this year. Below is a list of the top styles that showcased Coachella 2019 and will likely still pop up for upcoming Stagecoach and probably again next year.

Fringe + Crochet / Boho

Though the boho look is nothing new or revolutionary, fringe and crochet both were a common appearance at Coachella this year. I believe this to be in part because companies like 12th & Tribe and Revolve were heavily promoting these looks pre-festival. P.S. They’re also responsible for the animal print trend too (see below).

There was one outfit in particular that I obsessed over and almost bought, but was thankful I didn’t when I saw about 6 girls with the exact same outfit. Still super cute, but not original considering so many people wore it. If you get the separates and pair them with other items though, you could really make something unique and super on-trend.

The bohemian look has been the most used look at Coachella since its inception, but that doesn’t mean the look has grown tired. Quite the opposite actually—many of the looks I’ve discussed all have subtle elements of boho; you might see a western belt and hat paired with feathers, turquoise jewelry or silver chain Bollywood belts. Crochet and fringe sort of fall inside the bohemian category, so combining a little of each of these elements will help complete a look.

I’m guessing the look started as a nod to original festivals like Woodstock—throwing it back to the 70s and the carefree look and style that those of us today who attend Coachella have probably only seen in photographs. Combine that with the fact that the festival is in the desert and the bohemian look just seems to fit perfectly. So the point is: don’t be one of those who thinks that because it’s been a look for years that it’s played out. It’s not and I imagine we’ll continue to see it for years to come.

All White

I got to feeling a bit like it was a bohemian Hamptons party there for a minute… so many people opted for the all white look. It’s a great look, but for me personally it’s just a bit boring. Nonetheless, almost all the influencers sported an all-white look at least one day, including people like Rocky Barnes, Debi Flugge, Romee Strijd and even Kendall Jenner.

White knee-high boots—although highly impractical—were also a popular outfit option of choice.


Even though it’s been on trend for years—and in most situations should probably be played out by now—the western look is still very much in full force. Upcoming attendees of Stagecoach should be pleased to have plenty of inspiration from the last two weekends at Coachella. The reason this look probably stays year after year is likely because of the sheer practicality. Western boots or booties are generally fairly comfortable and protect your feet from all the dirt and dust. A cowboy hat, or something like the uber trendy Zulu Rancher from Lack of Color, is not only super in style right now but provides shade from your face and even though a felt hat might seem hot, I’ve always found a hat to make me generally feel a bit cooler because I don’t have the sun directly on my face.

Outfit options are easy from there: pair some high waisted cutoffs with a crop top, crochet top or even a bikini or bodysuit or just pick a flowy sundress or matching top and skirt set (something in gingham or floral would be perfect), then pair with a western belt and you’re good to go. Not only cute but super comfortable, great for hot weather and can be any varying level of modest or showing skin, depending on how you want it.


Sequins, rhinestones and glitter made a big appearance at Coachella this year, often being a part of custom bodysuits or hats. Though it’s been done for years, rhinestone appliqués or glitter on the face or around the eyes were tremendously popular—which makes sense because it’s an easy way to lighten up any boring outfit. Just add glitter to any basic bitch garment of choice and voila! You’ve got a festival appropriate look. And trust me, I’m not being a hater—I did this two out of the three days. There’s nothing like a little glitter to make you feel more festive. If you want to go really big, go topless and just cover your breasts in jewels and rhinestones.

Sheer Skirts

Sheer skirts were popping up everywhere at Coachella this year—probably because it’s such an easy, comfortable option. I have to admit, I am guilty of this. It is just so damn easy to pair a sheer skirt with either a one-piece bikini or a crop top and then add accessories to liven it up. I opted for a For Love and Lemons sequin bodysuit with a black sheer skirt over it. I opted to make the look a little more exciting by applying face jewels and accessorizing with a holographic fanny pack. A see-through skirt not only gives a little bit more modesty for those who don’t want to prance around with their ass completely out, but also keeps you warm enough at night because of the length and cool enough during the day because of its flowy nature. Accessorize with any kind of belt or around-the-waist bag and you’ve got an easy cute look that can be thrown together in minutes.

Animal Prints

Animal prints were in full force this year, most often found in a biker short or fitted dress. Like these other trends though, you typically found animal prints mixed in with either a western or bohemian look. Combining is key.


With Coachella year after year feeling more and more like a rave, it’s no surprise that neon looks are becoming more prevalent. Bright hues of neon yellow, lime green and hot pink were abundant, and typically paired with an oversized white sneaker. Though not my favorite look, it is always nice to see color amidst the other colorful art installations.

And with that, I'll leave you with a series of shots of my crew and the looks we put together this year. Stay tuned to see what happens when I blow the dust off of my cowboy boots for Stagecoach!

So what were your favorite looks this year? Comment on my main page, I’d love to hear!

Visit my Pinterest page for additional Coachella and Stagecoach inspiration.

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