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Gorgeous Greece

Aaaaah Greece. Don't we all dream of lounging in the sun, surrounded by that crystal clear blue green water, noshing on olives and sipping a glass of wine? I know I do. That Greek lifestyle—the slower pace—is something I strive to achieve someday. There's just something about being there that lowers your blood pressure. It's no wonder the Greeks live longer than most Americans.

My September 2019 trip to Greece included five days in Mykonos, two days exploring Athens and a week sailing the Saronic Gulf in a 43' Beneteau privately chartered sailboat with YachtSailing Greece. Just me and my jovial skipper named Happy (I kid you not) sailed from Athens to Aegina, then Agistri, Poros and Hydra. And before you think to yourself that you could never afford to charter a private sailboat with a skipper—think again. I chartered my own boat for an entire week for around just 400 euros a night. That’s pretty comparable to lodging—especially in a place like Greece where the decent resorts charge anywhere from 500 euros to well over a thousand a night. Since I think the best way to see Greece is by boat, you may want to consider it.

Below you’ll find links to the following: a complete write up of the stunning Santa Marina Mykonos, and how I stayed there without paying a dime, how to pack for a sailing charter (if you heed my advice and see Greece the right way), a description of my tour of Athens with the company Walks, my favorite travel guide for Greece, as well as how to get the perfect Instagram-worthy shots in Mykonos and how to stay connected (translation: super fast WiFi) when you are out on the water.

I hope you enjoy!

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