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Known for its stunning landscapes--those postcard worthy vistas of green meadows, brightly colored wildflowers with snow-capped mountains in the background--Switzerland surely can be considered one of the most beautiful places on earth. Travelers can pack a lot into one trip and cover a lot of ground since the country is so small. It is, however, wildly diverse from one part to the other though, so you can really experience a wide variety of places. 


Admittedly, I had forgotten just how beautiful Switzerland is until I returned recently.  Though I had been to a few different cities in Switzerland back in my late teens, I hadn’t been to anywhere other than the ski destinations in my adult years.  It was when I returned in May of 2019 that I was reminded of just how unique and insanely beautiful Switzerland is, making it one of my all-time favorite places.

Getting there


Getting to this small country in the heart of Europe is a piece of cake, considering almost every major airline in every major US city offers direct flights to Zurich and Geneva. All you really need is a valid passport and a plane ticket. Once in Switzerland, traveling within is just as easy. You can either rent a car or do what most tourists often do in Switzerland and use the trains.

I can make an argument for both modes of transportation, though in the end my clear preference is renting a car.  However, for those who don’t love to drive, might get a little nervous driving in a foreign country or just want to kick back and enjoy the scenery a little more, the trains are for you.  Though most travelers do use the train system, my qualm about the trains is that you are at the mercy of their timetables.  Some either don’t run early enough or late enough, and some of the trains to the smaller towns don’t run that often.  But I suppose that with some planning, you can easily map out a trip to Switzerland and still cover a lot of ground without ever having to get behind the wheel of a car.

Renting a car allows you to travel about the country without any restrictions on when and where you can go.  You don’t have to plan ahead as much as you would if you were taking the trains, so you can be a lot more flexible, say if you aren’t feeling well or if you had too many beers the night before.  And if you’re used to driving in any major city in the US, Switzerland is a very easy place to drive in.  Drivers still drive on the right hand side and the street signs are largely the same.  The freeways are easy to navigate and probably even more pleasant than what you’re used to back home.  The far left lane is actually a passing lane, so slow vehicles and trucks don’t camp out and block traffic like we are used to in the United States.  And since Switzerland is such a small country, you can cover a lot of ground and see a lot of different towns and cities in a small timeframe.  Just remember, no right on red!

Where to Go

Anywhere you're in Switzerland, you’ll be confronted with unsurpassed beauty and that’s for sure. But unless you have multiple weeks to spare traveling around the country visiting every little town and village, you may want to refer to this guide. 

Switzerland is a travel destination that will leave you in awe with its natural beauty and incredible culture. I love this country, and I’m sure you will too! So, when are you going to get bewildered by the picturesque beauty of the Swiss Alps and indulge in an adventure of your lifetime?

So, without any further ado, here are five places you must visit when in Switzerland: Interlaken, Lauterbrunnen, Lucerne, St. Moritz, Verbier and Zurich.

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