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DIY Positano Themed Shower

How to throw a stunning Positano or Amalfi Coast inspired bridal or baby shower

No, you don't have to hire an expensive party planner to throw a beautiful shower! This Positano theme works for either a bridal or baby shower, for a baby boy or girl. With lemons galore and pops of blue and white to mimic Italian tiles, this chic Italian theme is perfect for a spring or summer shower. I'll share my party planning list, my checklist for purchased and/or rented items, and explain how I printed my own signs, labels and invitations. So here's how you can plan your own Positano or Amalfi Coast themed bridal or baby shower:

First, I started with invitations. I found some lemon themed invites on, which I think are meant for either a wedding or a bridal shower but they worked fine for a baby shower. Just a simple yellow and green lemon invite, which would work for a gender neutral party.

Next, I started a Pinterest board and began gathering photos for inspiration. You can view my Pinterest board HERE. I decided I wanted a lot of yellow (mostly found in the flowers and lemons galore), then added pops of royal blue and white, with tile-like prints.

Then I mapped out an inventory of all the party related items I already owned, in order to figure out what I would need to purchase and/or rent for the day. Here is a list of items I already had:

  • Green and yellow serving dishes

  • Champagne glasses

  • Lemon napkin rings (8)

  • White flower vases

  • Lemonade jar

  • Water pitchers

  • Galvanized tins for iced beverages

  • Gold charger plates (19, semi-assorted)

Here is a list of items I purchased:

  • White table linens

  • Blue white table linen overlay

  • Blue white napkins

  • More lemon napkin rings

  • Mason jars for pens on table (5)

  • Pens for table

  • Hurricane vases (for lemons)

  • Gold chargers (Needed about 10 more)

  • Favors: sugar cookies (these came per-packaged individually, in cellophane and ribbon)

  • Print signs from

  • Skewer sticks to add lemons to floral arrangements and for food items

  • Flowers purchased at Trader Joe’s and the local farmer’s market the day before

Here is a list of items that I ordered/rented:

For the food, we opted for Covid-friendly "grab and go" type brunch foods. Since this shower was in April right after California started to open up again, we wanted to limit any tong sharing. So we put things like salad, fruit parfaits, and pre-assembled antipasto finger foods in individual plastic cups.

Here is a list of the food items we prepared:

  • Mini avocado toasts with micro greens and watermelon radish

  • Individual veggie cups with hummus, heirloom carrots, bell peppers, celery and radishes

  • Donut holes on skewers

  • Cheese & charcuterie/antipasto cups

  • Caprese skewers in cups

  • Salad cups

  • Fruit parfaits

  • Pastries

  • Donuts from Rolling Pin Donuts in Camarillo

For the food and drink tables, I purchased a gold cake and cupcake stand for the desserts,

I used these small display stands to hold the signs I printed at Though these are something you can easily purchase on Etsy, I designed signs in Adobe Illustrator and then printed them online. I printed a Mimosa Bar sign, one for cards and gifts, a sign directing guests to the backyard, and a larger sign welcoming people at the door. I also put lemons in bowls and hurricane vases to add to the decor.

For the tables, I used a simple white round for the guest tables and a white rectangular table cloth with a blue and white printed overlay for the food and drink tables. I also purchased matching linen napkins to add pops of blue to the tables. I rented gold silverware, white dinner plates, and blue chalices from a local party rental company. I used lemon napkin rings around the napkins and gold charging plates for underneath the plates. Then we placed yellow flower arrangements in the middle, with a navy blue doily underneath. We printed baby shower game cards to place on each plate, then put the napkin ring on top, and added a sugar cookie favor next to it.

The name cards you see in the photo above were also designed in Adobe Illustrator and printed on heavy card stock. Again, if you're not super computer savvy, you can custom order things like this on Etsy.

For the drink table, we put the "Mimosa Bar" sign next to wine and champagne glasses, with large galvanized tin buckets to hold ice, wine and champagne. I had cheap champagne glasses from Ikea left over from my wedding, and then I purchased some additional wine glasses from Amazon. We put iced tea in a large dispenser, used small carafes for assorted juices to put in mimosas and lined up San Pellegrino Limonata sparkling beverages in front of ice buckets to keep with the Italian theme.

And that's it! Let me know what you think. Comment on social or email me at

How to throw a beautiful Positano or Amalfi Coast themed shower wihtout an expensive party planner.
Positano Themed Shower

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