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A Photo Tour of Royal Mansour Marrakech

If this series of photos and videos doesn't inspire you to make the trip to Marrakech to stay at the stunning Royal Mansour, I don't know what will!

The Spa at Royal Mansour Marrakech

There is no question that Royal Mansour is the nicest place available to stay in all of Morocco, and arguably one of the best properties in the entire world. Continually ranked number one by big travel names like Conde Nast and Travel + Leisure, Royal Mansour is sure to blow you away. I have to say, I've been lucky enough to stay at some pretty incredible hotels and resorts throughout my life, and it would be hard to argue that there are others out there that beat this place. While sometimes it's difficult to compare properties because they're in different locales, I can easily say the Royal Mansour has to rank amongst the top five properties in the world.

However, the price is reflective of the Royal Mansour's reputation, as their cheapest riads run about $1,200 per night during the low season (which is astronomically expensive for Morocco, but if you're from the States like me, might not sound too bad for extreme luxury). Trust me when I say I've paid triple the price for places that aren't nearly as nice though. So don’t let the price derail you; it is such a magical place that if you have the opportunity to splurge—even if just for one night—you should try to do it just to be able to experience this place once.

The lobby, decorated here at Christmastime, was absolutely stunning

Red suited butlers greet you upon arrival, while lavish tapestries and chandeliers distract your eyes everywhere you go.

The Lobby

The rooms are just stunning. Royal Mansour has individual riads that are like a palace on their own.

Watch the YouTube video HERE for a complete tour of our three story riad!

Room Tour

The bedroom, bathroom and foyer of our private riad

If luxury is what you're looking for in Marrakech, you might also consider the Four Seasons Resort, the Mandarin Oriental, or the infamous La Mamounia Marrakech.

A photo and video tour to inspire you to stay at the stunning Royal Mansour in Marrakech, Morocco
Resort Highlight: Royal Mansour Marrakech

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