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Staying Connected, Even at Home

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

My favorite portable device is not just for travel! Find out how Skyroam can help you during your time at home as well.

Those of you who have been following me for a while know how much I love my Skyroam. But since Skyroam is mostly marketed as a travel device, I bet you don’t think of it as something that can help you while you’re quarantined at home. Well, I’m here to tell you that a Skyroam device is just as useful at home! Here’s why: 1. You can use Skyroam when your internet stops working or slows down. We all know that even home internet can fail us sometimes. And with just about everyone and their mother using the internet more often to surf the web, binge on Netflix or work from home, a lot of people have noticed their internet speeds are down. Mine sure is, and I’ve also noticed that it seems to go in and out more often, despite the fact that we pay for the fastest service we can get in our area. So what do you do when your home internet is being wonky? Power up your Skyroam! If your home internet goes out or slows down, you can use your Skyroam as a backup.

2. You can use Skyroam in places where there’s no internet.

This is a big one that a lot of people, don’t often think of. Since Skyroam has largely been marketed as a device we can use for travel, most people don’t think to use it in their everyday lives “at home”—meaning in their home country, but maybe out and about. You can take Skyroam to the beach, the park, on a hike—wherever your heart desires, wherever you might want to stop and use the internet. Since most of us are probably sick of being at home, but still have to get shit done, taking the Skyroam to the beach or the park (as long as you’re still maintaining social distancing!) is a great way to get outside and enjoy some new scenery without having to be disconnected. So your office could be a grassy knoll overlooking the ocean, a shady patch of grass underneath your favorite tree, or even a comfy bench in your backyard where your WiFi signal doesn’t reach to.

New to Skyroam? Use code "SKYROAMISTHECURE" for 10% off your purchase of any Skyroam device.

I first began to realize all the uses of my Skyroam when my husband started borrowing it while he had open houses. As a real estate agent, my husband often has to sit idly at an open house while waiting for potential buyers to stop by and look at a house. Since these homes are often vacant, they don’t have any WiFi set up. So Byron just takes the Skyroam with him so that he can work while he waits in his downtime. This got me thinking of all the other ways you can use your Skyroam. Since this epiphany a few months back, we’ve taken the Skyroam to the beach, to the park, and have used it several times when he WiFi went out. So friends, the Skyroam device—while amazing for travel—is NOT just for travel!

3. Share the love. Another great feature about a Skyroam device is—in the example I shared above about my husband—that you can lend it out to anyone. The devices are not people-specific; all you need to do is download the app, set up your own account, and scan the bar code on the back of the device to power it up and get it going. They don’t have to use your account and can pay for their own data on their own when they borrow it. 4. Use Skyroam to stay connected with friends and loved ones. With super fast 4G wifi capabilities, you can use Skyroam to video chat with loved ones so they don’t feel so far away. With a Skyroam connection, you can use FaceTime to chat with family or Zoom to do video conferencing with coworkers. Not feeling in a social mood? Use your Skyroam to watch Netflix and chill.

5. How to purchase:

Head to the Skyroam website to purchase your device today. Use code "SKYROAMISTHECURE" for 10% off your purchase of any Skyroam device.


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Hope you're staying safe and healthy my friends!



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