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Tips for Flying Right Now

If you're considering dipping your toes into the travel game right now, there are some things you should know before you set foot on a plane. Things are obviously different, and being prepared can make an already uncomfortable situation feel slightly more... well, comfortable.

Covid travel is definitely different, but it doesn't have to be scary. If you do it responsibly (Covid testing before and after, hand washing, mask wearing, etc.), it's definitely something that can be done safely right now.
Leaving LAX to head to Mexico, September 2020

1. Book with Delta or Southwest

I can speak from experience when I say that being put directly next to a stranger on a plane right now is a pretty unsettling feeling. If you booked with an airline that’s filling planes, like American or United, and get stuck next to one of those under-the-nose-mask-wearers—or worse—someone who is hacking up a lung, you’ll definitely be wishing you booked with Delta it Southwest instead.

2. Bring your own snacks

Most airlines still aren’t offering the traditional food and beverage service on the flights. Alcohol was not available at all (except in First Class and Delta Comfort), and the menus that you can typically order food from were glaringly absent. Since it was a bit of a longer flight (over 4 hours), each individual was handed a “snack pack”, which included a small bottle of water, biscuits, a small packet of Cheese-its and, of course, a miniature packet of hand sanitizer.

3. Bring plenty of hand sanitizer

Yes, you will be likely provided hand sanitizer by the airport and the airline. But the stuff they distribute in mass quantities is often too sticky or doesn’t smell great, so you’re much better off bringing your own. I am obsessed with the “Departure Ready” set by TabiJetSets, which includes a sanitizing power mist/spray, hydrating facial mist, screen cleaning (and sanitizing!) towelettes, cooling lip balm and energy mints.

Though it makes an awesome gift for that traveler in your life, it’s also pretty awesome for personal use. I brought my set along with me on my trip to Mexico and loved it! After using up the tiny single-serving packet of Purel that the airline gave me, it was nice to use the sanitizing spray and cleaning wipes to clean off my area of the plane. And since flying always dehydrates my skin, the hydrating face mist and lip balm were so clutch!

Use code “TABIISTHECURE” for 10% off your purchase.

4. Invest in a good mask

Trust me when I say it’s important to invest in a good quality, comfortable mask. I stress the word “comfortable” too, because you’ll essentially have it on from the moment you get out of your car at the airport to the time you get to your intended destination. All the airlines are requiring masks to be worn throughout the duration of the flight and are even banning passengers for life when they refuse to wear one. So I’ll say it again: you’ll need a good, comfortable mask because you’ll have it on for a long time.

There are quite a few really cute masks, in varying price points, that I’m wearing right now. I’m obsessed with my vintage Pucci mask by Loveworn SB. Although they’re a local boutique, they do sell their masks online. Though the Pucci prints are quite spendy ($125), they have other patterns for $25.

Another favorite is the Hannah Face Mask by Bronx & Banco. It has a wire sewn in to shape around the bridge of your nose, adjustable elastic straps and a super soft fabric to keep you comfortable. Though care instructions say “dry clean only”, I’ve never had any problems washing it on a cold, gentle cycle and just leaving it out on the counter to dry.

For a super cute and much cheaper option, I’d recommend the tropical prints by Mr. Carey’s. These also come with wires sewn in for the bridge of your nose, replaceable filters, and are perfect for people with smaller faces, as they come in size small or large. Use code TRAVELISTHECURE15 for 15% off your purchase of any Mr. Carey’s masks.


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Tips for flying right now (during the Covid-19 pandemic)

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Be Well, Stay Safe!



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