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Tips for Staying Healthy & Staying Sane During a Quarantine

My favorite workouts, supplements and other products I'm using right now to avoid the 'rona and keep my sh*t together.

1. Exercise

This one might seem obvious but maintaining an exercise regime is the first step to feeling healthy when you’re cooped up at home. Not only are you ensuring you are taking care of your body—rather than staying sedentary—but exercise will make you happier, can lessen depression, and is yet another way to bide the time. Exercise releases endorphins, helping you too feel better. I’ve been using this time to do a lot of at home workouts, in addition to getting outside for a walk or a run. My workouts typically consist of cycling classes with my Peloton, virtual yoga, and weight training through Peloton’s Total Strength program. The Peloton app is free for 90 days, so you can take advantage of all their running, strength and yoga classes and you don’t even need a bike. Though I’ve missed the in-person classes at Grassroots Yoga there are plenty of other companies and apps out there that are offering FREE classes that you can do at home. Or check out my girl @jyo_shanhar’s list of at home workouts that you can do at home. Recently featured on, Jyo shared a number of awesome workouts you can do right in the comfort of your home, with little to no equipment. Head to her profile and find her post from March 18th. With all these options, it makes it awfully hard to find an excuse not to get moving and break a sweat!

2. Supplements

I take supplements regularly, but there are additional supplements that I’ve added to my routine recently to help boost my immune system and hopefully avoid this plague that’s going around. Here’s what I’ve added to my daily routine:

  • Vitamin D by Mary Ruth Organics or Nature Made — a recent study revealed that supplementing with vitamin D may help reduce the risk of contracting the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19. So since a little extra dose of vitamin D won’t hurt, I’ve added it to my daily routine.

  • Multivitamins — I sometimes take Airborne and other multivitamins meant to combat bugs and viruses… because, why not?

3. Get Organized!

Part of staying healthy includes staying sane. That also includes limiting stress and anxiety as much as possible, as stress can lower your immune system. Here are my tips for getting organized:

  • Buy a planner or journal — One thing that I’ve noticed that helps me most is to get organized each day. This includes organizing my thoughts in the morning, mapping out my To-Do’s, writing positive affirmations and setting goals for the day. I use one by Clever Fox Planner that I love.

  • Create a work space — Studies show that people who have a more formal workspace in their home—mirroring what they’re used to at the office—get more work done. So now that you’re working from home, try to make your home office as close to your setup at your “real” office as possible. Do you have a standup desk and split screens at the office? Then set up the same thing at home. Do you like a space with nice natural light, candles to smell nice and flowers to brighten your day? Then add those! Make your workspace as comfortable as possible, so you’re less likely to want to run away as often.

  • Make life easier for yourself — give yourself all the tools necessary to be successful. Treat yourself to a new tablet if yours is old and wonky. Use noise-cancelling headphones to block out distractions. If your internet is known to be sporadic or temperamental, then purchase a portable WiFi device like the Skyroam Solis (Use code "SKYROAMISTHECURE" for 10% off your purchase). Do whatever you need to do to make your workspace friendly, to block out distractions and cut out unnecessary annoyances.

I find that if I keep myself organized, put all the tools in place to make me more productive, and have a positive workspace, it lessens my stress levels and helps me feel better all around.

Stay healthy everyone! Please comment below with any tips or products that I missed. I always love hearing what works for different people.



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