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Black Friday Deals to Shop Now

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

The best deals on gifts for travelers! Travel WILL resume again. So be sure to get the travel-lover in your life something extra special this year, so they can look forward to using it when we all get back to traveling again.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means the best shopping day of the year is almost here! The best part? You don't have to wait in line to snag any of these deals: these gifts are all available online, some starting now and others extending through Cyber Monday. So snag these deals now to get your Christmas shopping done early!


1. Monos Luggage

This company is the closest thing I've found to my coveted Away bag--except these actually go on sale! Monos offers a Carry-On Plus bag that's just like The Bigger Carry-On that I love from Away, except with a higher quality, more organized interior and a sleeker looking design. Monos is offering up to 35% off retail prices in their Early Black Friday sale. Use code EARLYBF2020 to take advantage of some great deals, like snagging their Carry-On Plus for $255 instead of $319.


2. DJI Mavic Mini

DJI very rarely offers sales on their electronics, but they're offering an early Black Friday sale starting now. You can take advantage of these deals directly from the DJI website, or take advantage of deals on bundles on Amazon. The popular DJI Mavic Mini, which weighs less than a pound (perfect for travel) and shoots 12mp aerial photos and 2.7K videos, is on sale for $359 from $399.

If you're eyeing a more powerful device, the new DJI Mavic 2 Pro is on sale for $1,539 from $1,729. Or if you're like me and value the zoom option to shoot stunning aerial photographs of subjects on the ground, go for the slightly less expensive DJI Mavic 2 Zoom, regularly $1,439--now just $1,289.


3. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

These appear on gift guides year after year, but for good reason: every traveler needs a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones. And yes, quality does matter. These bad boys can be pretty expensive but trust me--they are worth every penny when you are stuck on a long-haul flight with a screaming child behind you or are just wanting to get some uninterrupted sleep. The Bose Noise-Cancelling Wireless 700 headphones with Alexa voice control are one of the best on the market. Snag these on sale for $339 instead of the regular price of $379.

For a cheaper and more convenient (translation: smaller) option, go with Apple's Airpod Pro. These are on sale for $190 (from $250) on Woot or Amazon for $199.


4. 23andMe Health + Ancestry Kit

Want to know where your ancestors came from? I think most travelers who have an appreciation for culture probably want to know a little more about where they come from. And the health markers are a bonus. I actually took advantage of this sale from Amazon last year, and was pretty surprised by the findings (my mom's side of the family always said "we're Italian" but I only had like 5% Italian in me. Lesson learned: you can't trust everything your family says, no matter how much conviction they have when they say it. Go figure).

These kits are half off, for $99 instead of $199. Shop 23andMe now, as supplies are limited.


5. Camelbak

I always travel with a refillable water bottle these days. Not just because it helps me do my small part to save our environment by reducing single-use plastic water bottles, but it's also pretty convenient to travel with something that you can use to refill with water, tea, coffee... or whatever you want really, and their insulated bottles will keep coffee hot and water cold. Most airports these days have water filling stations (especially in Asia--they know how to do it right!), so refilling is easy.

I like their Hot Cap Stainless Steel Travel Mug for a multipurpose water bottle that can be used for both hot and cold drinks, their Insulated Horizon Tumbler for keeping coffee hot when we go backpacking, and their L.U.X.E Hydration Pack for long hiking trips. They've got a lot of really cool gifts on sale right now. Use code HOLIDAY25 for 25% off all bottles.


6. Skyroam

If you've been following me for a while, you already know how much I love this little gadget. And for Black Friday, Skyroam is offering 30% off their most popular traveler bundle!

A WiFi Smartspot is my hands-down favorite travel gift for 2019. I use one by Skyroam, which is a new company that provides 4G LTE WiFi on the go. It offers 100% secure, completely portable WiFi to use in over 130 different countries. You can rent or buy your hotspot, which means you can rent one if you travel infrequently or even just want to just test it out on your next trip. But if you travel more than a few times a year, purchasing the Skyroam device is well worth the investment since it's only $179. It will charge your phone, is super lightweight, and even has a camera. You can choose between a monthly plan for $99 a month or pay a daily rate of $9 per day. The Skyroam is the perfect way to ensure you can be connected anywhere you travel. And if you don't want to commit to purchasing the device, you can rent one for just $8.99 per day.

This is honestly one of my favorite travel gadgets and one I don't travel without. I most recently used it on my trip to Greece, where I spent time in Mykonos and Athens first before spending a week sailing the Saronic Gulf. Though I had pretty reliable WiFi availability in Mykonos and Athens (I stayed at two Luxury Collection hotels, so the speeds were quite fast), I did not have the luxury of WiFi while I was on the sailboat, so I ended up using my Skyroam nearly every day. And yes, I was able to work on my blog, post to social media, edit photos in Lightroom (which relies on the cloud, and thus... internet) and catch up on emails—all while on a sailboat in the middle of the Aegean Sea. Pretty wild actually.

Try it out on your next trip! With their option to rent the device, you can try it out for a small fee and decide later if you want to purchase a hotspot of your own.

Use code "SKYROAMISTHECURE" at any time for 10% off your purchase EVERY DAY--not just during the holidays!

You can also give a social shout about your Skyroam on Giving Tuesday, which is December 1st, and Skyroam will donate 1 global WiFi day pass to the community for every 1 social media share or repost. Skyroam is partnering up with Alex Rocha Youth Foundation in Cartagena, Columbia to give back by donating 40 Skyroam Solis 4G LTE hotspots to students and community leaders who rely heavily on mobile connectivity for educational opportunities.


7. Goli Gummies

This might be TMI, but traveling always messes with my system. Especially long-haul travel. I've heard I'm not the only person who experiences this, as it's common for people's bowel movements to become irregular when something messes with your circadian rhythm (like when you change time zones).

I have recently made a habit of traveling with Goli Gummies, and I cannot begin to tell you how helpful these are! I take these every morning--especially when I travel--and not only do they help keep me regular, but they're also packed with vitamins like B9 and B12, which help boost energy--PERFECT for battling jetlag.

For the first time ever, they are offering 30% OFF on their 3 and 5-Bottle Packages and 22% OFF the 1-Bottle Supply. BETTER YET, use code "travel_is_the_cure" and you'll get 35% off any order!


8. Rimowa

They're known for being the Bentley of suitcases, and for good reason: the quality and style is unmatched. And they don't just offer suitcases now!

For the holiday season, RIMOWA has announced the launch of a special edition version of its iconic RIMOWA Original aluminum suitcase that celebrates the renowned design's history of dedicated craftsmanship and innovation: this time in Original Camouflage. For the uber stylish traveler in your life, a gift of RIMOWA is always a good one.

Don't want to drop a G on a suitcase? Good news is they're now making super stylish iPhone cases too.


9. Herschel Travel Products

Herschel is a clothing and accessory company that makes durable, well-made travel bags, backpacks and accessory items. My favorite travel gift is their Travel Amenity Kit, which is only $29.99 and includes a convenient storage pouch, ear plugs, a sleeping mask, slippers and an inflatable neck pillow for maximum in-flight comfort. All the products match and squish together into a compact carrying bag--which you know I love since space-saving is my favorite way to pack light and maximize space. It also comes in black, navy/red and camo.

Herschel is also of course known for their great weekender bags, suitcases and backpacks. I like their iconic Retreat Backback (which comes in 40 different color options!), their Winslow Garment Bag, and their hard case Trade Luggage, which comes in fun prints.

Or for the water loving traveler, Herschel also carries dry bags like this one, which are great to throw all your camera gear, phones and accessories into before going out on the water.

Sign up for their mailing list to get notified when their Black Friday sales start. See below:


10. Swimwear

Okay, okay. I know this doesn't usually fall on a traveler gift guide list, but if you're like me and tend to lean toward travel to tropical destinations, then you might appreciate swimwear as much as I do. Plus, it's one of my favorite things to shop for because it usually means I've got a trip to some dreamy beach destination somewhere on the horizon. My two favorite swimwear brands are having AMAZING sales right now, so even though we're going into winter, take advantage of these killer deals now for either your next tropical trip or next summer.

Montce Swim is offering up to 75% off in their early access Black Friday sale. They've got bikini separates starting at $15, accessories starting at $1 and one pieces starting at $65. Mikoh, my favorite swimwear for a more active lifestyle (these are perfect for diving and actually being IN the water) has sales of 40-70% off sitewide, starting now.


11. Quay Sunglasses

Okay, I realize sunglasses also aren't necessarily a traveler gift. But we all need sunglasses when we travel, right?

I don't know about you, but I have a habit of RUINING sunglasses on trips. Just this last trip, I popped the lenses out of the super cute (and not cheap!) pair of sunglasses I picked up in Costa Rica last year, which was tragic. So I typically like to travel with cheaper sunglasses. But as you know, there's always a fine line between too cheap and not worth wearing because the quality is garbage. Quay has found that perfect balance. Their sunglasses are super cute, durable, and the lenses are nice. I'm also obsessed with their super cute blue light blockers, which I'm wearing as we speak. They're offering 30% off for Black Friday, now.


12. Black Friday Travel Deals!

Okay, I know most of us aren't traveling right now. But RIGHT NOW is the best time to snag really great deals on hotel stays for FUTURE travel, which--with a vaccine on the horizon--actually looks like it might be an option in the foreseeable future. Here are my favorite travel deals right now:

-Be Live Hotels

Take advantage of this Black Friday offer from Be Live Hotels, providing up to 60% off in hotel stays.

Choose your destination (Canary Islands, Mallorca, Portugal, Morocco, Caribbean, Colombia) and get up to 60% off with exclusive offers and flexible conditions for stays until December 2021 by booking at Be Live Hotels.


- Offer valid for booking until 03/12/2020

- Stays until December 2021, Subject to availability


CheapOAir can snag you some great deals on flights. Shop flights all over the world, right in one place. I actually used CheapOAir for some of my shorter flights on my last trip to Greece, and both the booking process and the flights went seamlessly.

-Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaii is reopen for travel! Woohoo!! So if you've been dying to get away, all you need is a negative RT-PCR Covid test and you'll be granted entry to the tropical paradise that doesn't require a passport.

Though they're not offering any deals per se, flights to Hawaii are the cheapest they've been in a long time. Snag a flight now, even if you're planning to travel in the coming year.

-Anantara Hotels

Whisk yourself away or sweep someone special off their feet with a retreat to a Spanish palace or Sri Lankan spa resort. Indulge in Thai cuisine or Emirati treasures. Cast away to the Maldives or Mozambique. For a limited time, take advantage of some incredible deals at Anantara Hotels.

Save big on hotel stays in the Maldives (which is open to US travelers!), as well as for future stays in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Indonesia. Indo--by the way--is also opening to US travelers soon. Last I heard, they were planning to open up in January. The Anantara properties in Bali, by the way, are incredible.


Save now, travel later. Eurail understands that Americans can't travel to most of Europe right now. So that's why they're having a Black Friday sale that gives you 15% off a Eurail pass. So if you're even tentatively planning a European vacation next summer or fall, take advantage of deals on passes now to save money.

You don't have to wait until Black Friday to shop these travel deals and gifts for the travel lover in your life. Save on noise-cancelling headphones, hotel stays, portable wifi devices, luggage and more!
The Best Black Friday Deals for Travelers - Shop Now!

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