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A Tour of Our Tropical Themed Nursery

Tristan's nursery is finally complete and I am so excited to share it with you!

Here is our baby boy nursery that I'm calling "Blue Palm Print Jungle" theme. Specific? Yes, very.

So there's a story behind the theme we chose...

The blue palm print wallpaper that you see in the photos was actually there before we knew we were having a baby. Since we had just purchased our home in August, I had just put up wallpaper in the guest room. It was a peel n' stick wallpaper that I wanted to put up quickly to hide an ugly mural that the prior homeowners thought wise to keep in the house (a word to homeowners looking to sell: your daughter's mural is not as beautiful to potential home buyers as it is to you). So in August, I put up the wallpaper, added some shelves on the walls, and put our daybed and Peloton in the room as a multi-use second bedroom/gym. We always knew that was the most logical room to turn into a nursery, but certainly didn't think we'd have to transition it so quickly.

So when I found out I was pregnant in early October--since I had JUST put that damn wallpaper up!--I was bound and determined to keep the wallpaper whether we had a boy or a girl. It was going to be slightly trickier as a little girl's room, but thankfully since we found out we were having a boy, keeping the blue wallpaper was actually really easy.

Because of the inherent tropical vibes that you get from the palm print wallpaper, I decided to go with a navy blue and white jungle animal theme. I found some cute baby safari animal prints on Etsy (most of them live in the jungle too, LOL), purchased some frames on Amazon, and then chose white furniture to offset the pops of navy blue.

You can shop our entire nursery by clicking the products above. Exact items are listed first, with similar options listed toward the end. Or shop all my favorite looks by following me on LTK.

While I'm at it, here's another fun story....

Pottery Barn, who makes the Kendall Crib that I purchased, actually makes it in a navy blue color. Had I known we were having a boy when I bought it, I probably would've purchased the navy. Could I have waited until we knew the gender? Absolutely. But Pottery Barn was having an incredible Black Friday sale on furniture, and we still hadn't gotten the results of my blood work that would reveal the gender (which, by the way, was delayed because of the damn Thanksgiving holiday!), so I decided to choose a crib that would work for a boy or a girl in order to save about $400.

Okay, back to the nursery decorating.

I also purchased the matching dresser and changing table topper (which is removable for when baby gets older) during the Black Friday sale as well. I found that it looked a little cheap with the knobs it came with, so I switched them out for these really cute blue and white ceramic knobs from Amazon.

The ceiling fan was a dark brown, and just didn't fit. So we replaced it with a white palm ceiling fan like this one and had to paint the ornate cover that was on the existing fan.

The shelves that I had put up previously that were next to my Peloton? Well, they were brown (which didn't match the new decor), so I swapped them out for white ones.

Then I added a super soft, white shag rug, a thin bookcase that sits flush with the wall (to maximize space) and a wicker storage basket in the shape of a giraffe that I spray-painted navy blue. Because there was a lot of white in the room and I still wanted more pops of navy blue, I also spray-painted a small giraffe and succulent planter, some Command hooks to hang clothes and other items, and a picture frame. There's also a really great floor lamp that we found on Amazon that works with Alexa and changes colors and brightness, so you can change it from bright light in the day to warm, dim light at night. You can even change it to red, green or blue if you really want to get crazy!

The pièce de résistance is the glider: a navy blue glider and matching ottoman from Crate and Barrel (which was a frantic find after Pottery Barn LOST my custom order glider after four months of waiting for it. Huge fail, PB).

While he won't be sleeping in his room for a while, I use this room every single day. The glider is just SO. DAMN. COMFORTABLE. So I use it to nurse him, to read him stories when we are putting him down for bed each night, and for middle of the night diaper changes.

Here are some photos of the final product:

I hope you like it! Be sure to let me know what you think.

Here are the links to all the products in our nursery:

FAUX SHEEPSKIN RUG (to line wicker giraffe basket):


We added blue palm print peel n' stick wallpaper to our guest room, prior to finding out we were pregnant. Not long after putting it up, we needed to turn the room into a nursery. So we came up with a blue palm tropical jungle animal theme. Here's the before, during and after. For more information, including links to purchase some of the items in our nursery, head to
A Tour of Our Blue Palm Tropical Themed Nursery

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