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How My Family Uses Skyroam

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Skyroam is not just for travel.

Over the past six months, I’ve learned just how true that statement is. With most travel plans these days either postponed or cancelled due to Covid-19, you might initially think that portable WiFi device you bought (or are thinking about buying) for travel has become a paperweight. Well, think again.

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While that little orange disc is usually my favorite companion for international travel, it’s becoming more and more of a staple in my everyday life when I'm not traveling. And members of my family (and friends) are using Skyroam for various reasons too, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to share all the myriad ways a Skyroam device can be added to your daily routine as well.

How I use Skyroam

I take my Skyroam with me almost everywhere these days. Though it started off as just something I threw in my camera bag on international trips (I’ve taken it to Greece, Costa Rica, Bali, Curacao and Mexico), I’ve also found myself using it more often when I’m not traveling.

The first time I recall using my Skyroam in a situation outside of travel was when I was on a Zoom board meeting and my WiFi at home unexpectedly cut out. I was 30 minutes into a meeting when suddenly my screen went black and I got that dreaded Zoom notification saying I had lost my WiFi connection. I panicked at first… but then—thankfully I was thinking quickly that day—I grabbed my Skyroam, powered it up, and got back online in a matter of minutes. Quick enough that no one else on the board meeting even noticed I was gone.

In fact, that actually happened to me a couple of times in the early days of Covid (mostly in March and April), when everyone seemed to be at home using their WiFi, and the supposed-to-be-amazing WiFi service that I was paying an arm and a leg for kept cutting out left and right. I recall using my Skyroam once when my internet stopped working during a webinar and another time when I was having a virtual meeting with my business partner. Skyroam saved my ass each and every time.

I’ve also been throwing it into my backpack or tote bag when we go on longer hikes or trips to the beach. If I know I’m going to be stopping to rest for a bit (say, for a picnic on a longer hike or a beach day), I’ll take my Skyroam along to get connected and read emails or peruse Instagram so I’m not wasting the data on my phone.

I’m thankful to say that I’m also planning to bring my Skyroam to a couple trips I have planned: next week to Mexico and to French Polynesia in early October. Even though my hotels and AirBnBs will have WiFi, hotel and villa WiFi is notorious for being spotty and often quite slow, so I always bring my Skyroam as a backup.

How my husband uses Skyroam

My husband Byron has been borrowing my Skyroam since long before Covid started. As a real estate agent with Sotheby’s, he spends a lot of time showing houses to prospective buyers. Most often, these homes are vacant and therefore don’t have any WiFi. And if you know anything about open houses, they are often… well, quite boring. So Byron brings my Skyroam along so that he can connect his computer and work while he has some downtime. All he has to do is power it up, and he has fast 4G WiFi to send contracts and emails to clients.

How my cousin uses Skyroam

I’m adding my cousin Carson to this list because he purchased and used a Skyroam rather recently (just before Covid), and he used it in the more traditional sense that I think most people use their Skyroam for. Prior to being forced to come back home because borders were closing due to Covid-19, Carson was on a multi-month trip traveling throughout Asia. He purchased a Skyroam right before his trip and then used it to call friends and family while he was there.

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Carson actually video called me once through WhatsApp, where we were essentially able to “Facetime” while he was using his Skyroam, instead of him having to purchase a phone or buy international data for the calls. The call was crystal clear—which is a nice surprise considering it’s often a bit jumbled and can cut in and out when you’re speaking to someone abroad. Carson was able to use his Skyroam for all his connectivity requirements while he was traveling—to Facetime loved ones at home, get online to

write for his blog, connect to the internet to look up public transit timetables, restaurant recommendations and things to do, and watch YouTube videos or sift through Instagram when he was bored.

How the Frenchies use Skyroam

And last but not least... the Frenchies. The photo shown here is of my little girl, Daisy. She and her sister Peanut love using their Skyroam so they can get fast, 4G Wi-Fi in the backyard, and so they can scroll through Instagram and stay connected with all their Frenchie friends.

Okay, okay... I kid. Obviously the Frenchies don’t use Skyroam. But my point is, it’s so damn easy that just about anyone could, and the types of uses are endless!

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How my family uses Skyroam

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